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Molly Elizabeth Graphic Tee

Hi Everyone!

The first Molly Elizabeth Merch Item is now for sale on my website for a limited time! 

The shirts were designed by Digital Designer Paisley Green. Paisley Green is a 17 year old high school kid who spends more time drawing than sleeping. An avid artist, aesthetic is her way of life. She dabbles in writing, pen and ink traditional pieces, and digital paintings. In her hometown of Fort Collins, Colorado, Paisley's work has started small- yearly publications in the critically acclaimed literary magazine The Looking Glass, occasional commissions for local business cards and adverts, and features in local art shows. Her passion for art is coupled only by her interest in fashion. As of this year, she has participated in Current, a fashion show dedicated to local boutiques. She walked runway and put together looks for her employer, Repeat Boutique, the town's most awarded consignment store. Paisley draws inspiration for her artwork from the medieval era's gothic art movement, her perspective of the 'teenage experience', as well as children's movies. In a family of artists, creative blood runs through her veins- a 2D hobbyist now, Paisley strives to delve into concept art and a career in fashion merchandising. When she's not doodling or planning the next day's outfit, you'll find her playing video games, shopping, and laughing with her friends.

View more of her artwork here:

 https://www.artstation.com/ artist/witchcult_lamb

Exciting catalog and look-book photos coming soon featuring my merchandise items!

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Instagram: @mollyelizabethdesigns

Twitter: @designsbymolly


Molly Elizabeth

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